This $35 Computer-On-A-Stick Is All You Need To Bring AirPlay To Any HDTV

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This is a quick fix solution for AirPlay without the Apple TV device meaning u can now connect to your TV wirelessly with the help of this device. Ignore the technical part in the post just focus on what it can do

The Rasp­bery Pi project is a dar­ling lit­tle exer­cise in inge­nu­ity. It looks like a USB thumb drive, but instead of 2GB of flash, it’s a fully func­tion­al com­put­er run­ning Debian Linux, fea­tur­ing a 700 MHz ARM 11 proces­sor, 128 MB of RAM, a USB port, and an Eth­er­net port… all for just $35. Splen­did, splen­did geek­i­ness. Hang­ing this from your car keys, you can lit­er­al­ly get con­nect­ed any­where. But where’s the Apple angle?

Video link – here

It’s a lit­tle hacky in the video above, but as you can see, one of the Rasp­ber­ry Pi devel­op­ers was suc­cess­ful in hook­ing the device up to an HDMI-connected TV, then get­ting Air­play Video pump­ing through it via his iPad.

Awe­some. This is an Air­Play solu­tion for your tele­vi­sion that is $65 cheap­er than an Apple TV. The only prob­lem is that while the Rasp­ber­ry Pi is in pro­duc­tion, there’s still no ship date, so if you’re look­ing to graft Air­Play onto your exist­ing set, you’ll have to wait a lit­tle bit longer.

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