Rocstor Amphibious Secure Pocket Drive

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How safe is your external hard drive? You know, the one with all your highly sensitive files? Chances are, no matter where you’ve got this data stored it is not as hacker-proof as the rugged Amphibious 7X. It offers AES-256 CBC Real-Time Hardware Encryption, with NIST and FIPS validated Cryptographic modules. You don’t know what this means but the guys who want to steal your identity do. It also features an embedded keypad requiring a PIN and additional Smartcard security. Take the first step in protecting your data, get one. Available by Spring 2012.

Amphibious 7X is the world’s most technologically advanced two-factor authentication, real-time, hardware encrypted external drive in the market today.

Designed and engineered to satisfy the requirements of demanding security concerned professionals, Amphibious can also support a fast Solid State Drive “SSD” drive. Amphibious is designed to be both bootable and bus-powered, and it is compatible with MS Windows and Macintosh environments without any software installations.

One of the most secure and cutting-edge hardware-based encryption chipsets is integrated into the internal circuitry of the Amphibious. The cryptographic encryption module contains features such as Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm AES-256 bit key strength, and real-time encryption so that there is virtually zero time in encrypting and decrypting the data. While the CBC mode, the encryption chipset bears certifications from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and US Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS Level 2 for a Cryptographic Module. The Amphibious is authenticated by secure (ISO7816, compliance) smartcard and password (pin number), which is inserted for authentication, and removed soon after the device is authenticated, and then ready for secure data transfer.

Rocstor line of encrypted drives offer the technologies you need to keep you data secure and safe.

A unique feature of Amphibious 7X Mobile is that it has an embedded keypad allowing you to key in your PIN directly onto the unit. This ensures protection from key-loggers that may be recording your keystrokes on your computer. Together with full disk encryption and smart card based authentication, these features give you the ultimate level of protection with an unrivaled ease of use.

ocsecure Amphibious is a hardware-based encryption device that secures data in a SATA hard disk or SSD drive against hackers and information thieves. Uniquely designed as a bump-in-the-wire device on the SATA cable, the Amphibious requires no mounting and simply plugs in-between the SATA connector on the motherboard and the hard disk drive. It operates transparently and encrypts all data written onto the hard disk without any loss in disk performance. Amphibious does not require any additional software drivers or applications to be installed and is fully independent of the operating system. Once deployed, users would be assured that all the data on the Amphibious 7X is fully protected from unauthorized access in the event the hard disk is lost or stolen. The data is accessible as long as the Amphibious 7X is powered ON

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