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Be your own boss

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Many of us want to be boss of ourselves – we want to be entrepreneur..why not by all means. I have met  many entrepreneurs as well as worked with few. Some made me feel that I could do better and some made me feel that entrepreneur is a great person. I often think whether they were born great /smart or it was one move that made them better. My research is still on but being on both sides ie being an entrepreneur and an employee , I have realised the following

  • We become slaves of our ambitions – we like the fixed money that comes every month. We all like luxury and we raise the level of lifestyle in line with our incomes..after all many of us worked hard in schools and colleges to enjoy the same. We get into what we call in hindi  – ninainweh ka pher ( meaning the circle of 99). First you reach the first 99 and when you are first 99 you want to reach the next 99 and so on……reasons greed and in sophisticated terms ambition
  • We do not want to take risk – the diff between entrepreneur and employee is that he took that first risk and people like us join his gang in supporting him in making and building the dream. We like the security whether or not it is there..we like to belive that we have a secure job !
  • Education and business has no relation – in fact sometime I feel that education comes in between the way of starting a business. We want to start big and achieve big…no harm in idea it should be that way…but many of the successful business started small. Everything grows overtime when nurtured properly. I have learned that all ideas can be made big if one has a vision
  • It is never late – it is never late in life to follow your heart and start a business on your own. if you are not afraid of failure – GO FOR IT. Success will come

So what is needed

  • Courage and belief in oneself – one definitely needs courage and confidence that yes I can do it.
  • Reconciling with uncertainty – this is one of the most important part of an business…one need to fall in love with uncertainty. We all are afraid of darkness but try acting blind for a while you will start using all your senses more efficiently and effectively the moment you are able to overcome the fear of darkness. The same is with uncertaintly..if you are able to overcome the same you will be able to think more clearly in terms of how to run and grow your business
  • Think nothing is small  – no business is small ..many business have modest beginning it depends on what you are doing and your ability to make it big
  • Do it again and again – it may not be the first idea which makes it big…but keep trying all your ideas and one will click which will make it big

Recently I was in India and I was amazed to see some of the smaller ideas which were catching on – a simple idea of providing shoe cleaning service  concept was running successfully.  Young Kid who started it realised that there are no shoe cleaning services when his shoes were dirty so he decided to start this service where by he will collect your shoes from your home clean them, repair them, change shoe laces etc for a small fee of rs 150 less than 3usd and deliver them back shining. This boy had courage to follow his heart and if I am rt he runs more than 10 locations and is expanding…he is an entrepreneur. I am sure that one day he will make it big with this or some other idea

Luck favors who belive in themselves and are ready to take risks. This is probably many a times you come across business man who would leave you thinking that I could do better…

I remembered a joke which is probably apt to end this article for now

Once upon a time there was man who was very religious and believed in god. He would offer prayers and visit all religious places without fail. He used to ask only one thing to god – god please help me winning a lottery

Many years passed and this person kept his faith in god and offered daily prayers asking only one thing. After many many years god gets pleased with him and decides to bless him with his wish.

Still many years pass and same routine goes on…he keep praying. Now god gets frustrated with him and comes down and tell him Son you are asking me only one wish for so many years and I also want to grant you but there is one problem. So the person asks god – please tell me my dear god.

You knw what god says – at least go and buy a lottery ticket !!

More to follow…happy reading. Comments are welcome


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